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This is one of the last B-17's still flying. This airplane was built in 1945 which makes it 70+ years old. Still looks like it's just off the assembly line. It was at the 75th anniversary air show at Sheppard Air Force Base this September. I enjoyed seeing this piece of American History.
My grandsons, Tanner and Hunter. Love ya both boys
My puppy, Snickers. He was getting a little attention from Grandma, but had time for a quick picture.
This is in my kitchen at home. I don't cook much, but know how if I want to try. Have to admit some things don't come out just as I plan however.
This is a Mig 17 at the 75th anniversary Sheppard AFB air show. 690 MPH twenty feet off the ground. This was an impressive sight.
A nice little catfish from Lake Texoma in north Texas This was caught in the spring of this year while on a weekend trip with my friend and brother.
Seattle's Space Neetle from Dale Chuley's studio.